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At Kids Dental Experts, we are advanced trained in orthodontic treatment for children. We are specially trained to help diagnose problems early and provide solutions to improve your child’s smile such as; growth modification and/or braces.

Treatment Options

Metal braces are the most popular with kids and teenagers. They love using different colors of ligature ties. These braces are much smaller than ever before and they are also the most efficient and predictable at tooth movement. You can create a custom color scheme at each orthodontic visit.

Invisalign can sometimes be an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is an advanced clear aligner system. The aligners are removable and virtually invisible. There are no wires and brackets so you don’t need to change the way you brush and floss.

How do Braces Straighten Crooked Teeth?

Braces use constant, gentle pressure, which over time, move teeth into their proper positions. Braces are at work every moment of your child’s orthodontic treatment. The two main components of braces are: the brackets that are placed on the teeth and the main archwire that connects them. The bracket is a piece of shaped metal or ceramic that we affix to each tooth. The archwire is bent to reflect your “ideal” bite. In other words, it reflects the way we want your child to look after treatment.

The wire threads through the brackets and, as the wire tries to return to its original shape, it applies pressure to move the teeth. Picture your child’s tooth resting in their jaw bone. With pressure on one side from the archwire, the bone on the other side gives way. The tooth moves. New bone grows in behind.

Attached to your child’s braces, elastics exert the proper force that creates the right amount of pressure to move teeth. In order for this force to remain constant, elastics are replaced at orthodontic visits-this is where you can create your own custom colors-at each visit!

Early Bite Problem Diagnosis

The Doctors at Kids Dental Experts are specially trained to diagnose and treat the development of bite problems. These can be caused by thumb sucking or prolonged use of a pacifier.

After the baby’s primary teeth come in, sucking may cause problems with the proper growth of the mouth and alignment of the teeth. It can also cause changes in the roof of the mouth. Children should stop sucking sooner rather than later to limit the destructive forces placed on the bones and the teeth which may result in severe skeletal and bite problems later in life. Typically by the age of 2 years is a great time to quit.

Our team will work with you and your child to determine an appropriate approach.

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