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In-Office Conscious Sedation

Our Doctors are highly trained and are able to prescribe in-office sedation in order to ensure maximum comfort for your child. Our Doctors will provide you more detail should your child require sedation. There is some information below for your reference if you are interested:

Sedation Patient Instructions

Instructions to follow for your appointment. If your child exhibits any signs of illness 24 hours prior to treatment, please call our office.

Your child will be given medication to relax and help them better cope during their dental appointment. The medication will not put them to sleep.
You are to remain with your child in the office after the medication is given. The dental treatment will start 1 hour after the medication is administered. Please allow for adequate time after the appointment for patient monitoring.
No nail polish should be worn on the day of the appointment for proper pulse monitoring.
A light meal of toast and apple juice should be eaten at least 2 hours before the appointment. Avoid dairy products because they stay in the stomach longer and this will slow the medication’s absorption.
Your child may be relaxed for the rest of the day. Plan on having quiet time with no active play (Ex: riding biking, swimming, etc.)

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