Nutritional Information

The Role of Diet in Decay

The bacteria in our mouths start the decay process when they interact with sugars in the diet. There are many hidden sugars in all the foods we eat. A child would never have to eat candy and could still get too much sugar. It is important to avoid frequent eating between meals and to limit snacks to healthy nutritional choices. Examples of best choice snacks would be: Fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk and water. It is better to confine sugar consumption to a shorter time period so the bacteria are not continually attacking the teeth with acid. For example, it is wise to consume juices and soda with a meal or to drink it within a reasonable period of time rather than sipping it all afternoon. Research now indicates that certain foods such as cheese, peanuts, milk and sugarless gum eaten with or right after foods containing sugars help to counter the effects of acids produced by the bacteria.

Remember the formula:

Bacteria + Sugar = Acid
Acid + Tooth Enamel = Decay