Athletic Mouthguards

Protect your child’s smile.

We offer mouthguards that can be used for all types of athletics. A mouthguard is a protective device that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury. This is especially important if your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Give our office a call and we can recommend the mouthguard that is right for your child.

Types of mouthguards we offer

Ready made

Manufactured in a pre-formed shape in various sizes but with little adjustment to fit your child’s mouth.

Mouth adapted

A thermo-plastic material manufactured in a pre-formed shape in various sizes that can be adapted to fit more closely to your child’s teeth and gums by heating and molding. This can be purchased over-the-counter and we recommend these until the child is a teenager and they have all of their permanent teeth.

Custom made

An impression of your child’s teeth is taken to create a custom-fit mouth protector.