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Child’s 1st Visit

Whether it’s your child’s first ever dental visit or you are a new patient with Kids Dental Experts, it is very important that you, your child, and our team begin working together to build healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime.

What will happen at the first visit?

Prior to the first appointment:

All paperwork is available online to be done in advance.
If there are any special considerations for your child please let our office know in advance to make your visit more enjoyable and comfortable for your child.
Allow plenty of time (10 minutes) to complete paperwork in the office if not already printed in advance.

At the first appointment:

All families are given a tour of the office.
The doctor will meet with all new families in a consult room to discuss any concerns and review the child’s health history prior to the children being seen in the clinical area.
A full comprehensive exam will be completed as well as any necessary x-rays. If parents specified they want a cleaning done, we will try our best to get this accomplished for the family.
We allow a parent back with the child for this initial exam and consultation where we will count teeth. It is okay if the child cries, and it is okay for a child to sit on parent’s lap if scared.
If treatment is needed, we have excellent financial coordinators who can go through any insurance and financial arrangement questions.
Treatment diagnosed will be completed at a separate appointment.
A dental assistant will go over all paper work and any additional questions you may have regarding the appointment or future treatment.
We have a kid friendly environment with games and books available for the kids. We play age appropriate kid movies throughout the office for the kids to watch – even in the exam chair.
At the end of every appointment, your child will be given a prize.
We will send you home with a wealth of information and brochures.
It is important to have a parent or legal guardian with the child at the first appointment to go over any necessary paperwork.

How can I help prepare my son or daughter
for their first visit?

Many parents wonder how their child will react to visiting a dentist for the first time. Will they be frightened? Will there be tears? Will they cooperate? Below are a few things you, as a parent, can do to help make this a positive experience:

Let your child know he or she has nothing to fear at their first visit to our office! Explain that, during the visit, the dentist will brush, examine, touch, count and take pictures of their teeth. Tell your child about the fancy chair they will be sitting in, and describe some of the tools the dentist will be using, like the special electric toothbrush, the water squirter, and the tiny mirror on a handle. You can also visit your local library to find a children’s book with pictures of dental equipment.

  • Be sure to stay positive about their first visit. Refrain from using words that may cause any unnecessary fear or anxiety such as “shot”, “hurt”, “needle”, “pull”, or “drill”.
  • If there is any way our hygienists or dentists can help prepare your son or daughter for their first visit with us, please let us know!
  • Kids Dental Experts would like for your first visit to be a pleasant and positive one.
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